mercredi 19 juin 2013

Burglars use detectors to rob British families of £1m gold topic

Gold is being stolen from British families (Picture: File)

Burglars are using metal detectors to rob British Asian families of their gold in a series of ‘highly organised’ raids worth more than £1million.

The criminals have been striking while families are visiting their temple, snatching countless family heirlooms stashed in the houses.

One victim, Shakeel Ahmad, said he knew of at least six households which had been fleeced of their gold on his street alone.

‘It seems too much of a coincidence for all of them not to be connected,’ the 41-year-old hospital consultant said.

‘I’ve lived in the area pretty much all my life and I’ve never known anything like it before.

‘They knew exactly what they were looking for.

‘They even emptied the kids’ toy buckets out just to see whether we’d hidden any jewellery in there.’

Businessmen, restaurant owners and doctors top the list of targets but another of the victims in Cardiff said the thefts may have been insider jobs.

‘Is there somebody in our own community doing this?’ she said.

‘They seem to be targeting the people that go to the temple. This is when the homes are burgled.’

The latest thefts in the Welsh capital follow a string of other burglaries across Britain, where the gold status symbols often worn by British Asians at ceremonies have been taken.

Earlier in the year, the Rashid family in Reading were robbed of £70,000 of gold by crooks looking to take advantage of the inflated price of the precious metal.

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